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Check out this keek

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Burning circuit

Try to this workout as fast as you can

Dumb. Deadlift
Dumb. Hummer curl
Dumb. Bent over row
Dumb. Snach
Dumb. Squat
Dumb. Lunges

Round 1. Each 10 reps no rest between.

Rest 2 min and repeat 4 rounds

Kettlebell workout

Today workout

Training 1:

6 Rounds non stop (1 min. each exercise):

Thrusters (Dumbbells)
Box jump

Training 2:

100 double crunche

That’s it

Kettlebell training feat. coach Ahmad Alattar

WFT – Beast Mode Workout

WFT – Strength

WFT Workout: 11

Today’s WFT workout:

30 Sec Sumo Squat High Pull

30 Sec Prison Squat

30 Sec Push ups w/Row

30 Sec Box Jumps

30 Sec Double crunch

30 Sec Clean and Press

30 Sec Plank

Rest 2 minutes. Repeat 4 times

Today’s Workout: Warrior Battle

One Arm Snatch KB

Bag Roll

Bench Jumps

Side to Side Hops

Side to Side Jumps

One Arm Balance Pull

5 Pushups / 5 Ball Smash

Power Jumps over Bags

Dumbbells Punches

Run / High Knees / 1 Hand

Note. Perform each exercise for 30 sec. this is 1 round. Repeat 4 rounds

We will be practicing in Ajyal Center, Al-Routha area. For more information call 50133525