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Kettlebell training feat. coach Ahmad Alattar

تمارين الجزء العلوي الكرسي

مقابلتي في برنامج رايكم شباب – قناة الراي

تمارين المقاومة باستخدام resistance band

Daily Live Fitness Show: Using Body Weight morning workout

Daily Life Fitness Show: Train like soccer player

Daily Fitness Show Live: تمارين للترهلات بين الذراعــين

Guess who got ripped!

The Comedian Kevin James have to lose 80 pounds, develop enough stamina to go several rounds in the ring, and build MMA-worthy muscle for his new coming movie Here Comes the Boom.

To be in a fighter shape you got to train like a fighter which means you need to fight your inner mind and reach that level.

The actor had to run all places, build stamina, coordination, flexibility, and core strength using medicine ball moves mixed in with pushups and situps, boxing an hour, and went on steady diet.

Can’t wait to watch the movie… you can read more on Men’s Health News



Workout 10: GUNZ PUMP

GUNZ PUMP – Gym needed

10 x Seated Dumbbell Curls – 3 Sets

15 x Dumbbell Hummer Curls – 3 Sets

15 x Z-Bar Reverse Grip Curls – 3 Sets

10 x Close Grip Pull Ups – 3 Sets

15 x Z-Bar Seated Tricep Extensions – 3 Sets

15 x Preacher Curl – 3 Sets

Note. If you are looking for muscle mass then rest 1 minute between each set. If you are looking for endurance then do each set without rest.

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