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Intro to Warrior Fitness


Kettlebell training feat. coach Ahmad Alattar

WFT – Beast Mode Workout

Nenchako Practice

WFT – Strength

Today’s Workout: Warrior Battle

One Arm Snatch KB

Bag Roll

Bench Jumps

Side to Side Hops

Side to Side Jumps

One Arm Balance Pull

5 Pushups / 5 Ball Smash

Power Jumps over Bags

Dumbbells Punches

Run / High Knees / 1 Hand

Note. Perform each exercise for 30 sec. this is 1 round. Repeat 4 rounds

We will be practicing in Ajyal Center, Al-Routha area. For more information call 50133525

Podcast الأنظمة الغذائية الشائعة والسيئة

أنواع الأنظمة الغذائية الشائعة والسيئة

Online Personal Training

Online Personal Training

If you looking to get in shape and be fit in a new way try our Online Personal Training

– You will get body values evaluation.

– Case study to your fitness level and setting up a full fitness program that meet your goal (Home or

– You will receive daily different workouts 5 days a week using Linear Periodization Training.

– You receive your daily workouts through different communication tools (E-Mail, Whatsapp Messenger,
KiK Messenger, Mobile Messages, and Mobile Calls)

– You will get workouts with How-To-Do Photos and video links.

– Stay in communication from 9:00am to 11:00pm.

– Fitness Program and workouts are set up according to what equipments are available (Treadmill,
Elliptical, and Dumbbells for Home fitness.)

– Stay Motivated

– Age from 15+

– Price 40 K.D per month.

– Certified Personal Experts

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Podcast الجانب النفسي في الرياضة

Today’s Podcast: الجانب النفسي للرياضة

Workout of the week