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Intro to Warrior Fitness


Kettlebell workout

WFT – Beast Mode Workout

Nenchako Practice

WFT – Strength

WFT Workout: 11

Today’s WFT workout:

30 Sec Sumo Squat High Pull

30 Sec Prison Squat

30 Sec Push ups w/Row

30 Sec Box Jumps

30 Sec Double crunch

30 Sec Clean and Press

30 Sec Plank

Rest 2 minutes. Repeat 4 times

Today’s Workout: Warrior Battle

One Arm Snatch KB

Bag Roll

Bench Jumps

Side to Side Hops

Side to Side Jumps

One Arm Balance Pull

5 Pushups / 5 Ball Smash

Power Jumps over Bags

Dumbbells Punches

Run / High Knees / 1 Hand

Note. Perform each exercise for 30 sec. this is 1 round. Repeat 4 rounds

We will be practicing in Ajyal Center, Al-Routha area. For more information call 50133525

Online Personal Training

Online Personal Training

If you looking to get in shape and be fit in a new way try our Online Personal Training

– You will get body values evaluation.

– Case study to your fitness level and setting up a full fitness program that meet your goal (Home or

– You will receive daily different workouts 5 days a week using Linear Periodization Training.

– You receive your daily workouts through different communication tools (E-Mail, Whatsapp Messenger,
KiK Messenger, Mobile Messages, and Mobile Calls)

– You will get workouts with How-To-Do Photos and video links.

– Stay in communication from 9:00am to 11:00pm.

– Fitness Program and workouts are set up according to what equipments are available (Treadmill,
Elliptical, and Dumbbells for Home fitness.)

– Stay Motivated

– Age from 15+

– Price 40 K.D per month.

– Certified Personal Experts

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