On Radio show


It was a pleasent day on the Radio Station talking live about Fitness and Youth with Sport. The guys from Kuran channel 98.9 have a program called “rasael shababiya” to target the youth.

One of the callers told us that fitness is everything in his life but he recently got knees problem and Dr advice him to stop exercising. Now my advice is everything had a limit, when it come to fitness you must set a goal instead of doing exercise for no reason. To put a goal means you reach something you want and when it comes to fitness set up a goal is important so you don’t over train and injure yourself. If your goal is to loss weight or become faster you should set a realestic program for a month, two or three months with different exercise and nutrition plan to get you their. Also resting is an important part as it helps you to rebuild and recover your body.

Before you staring working out you should consult a certified personal trainer to help you define the fitness program you need.

Anyway, it was so fun to have that interview and hope to talk to fox soon on the radio.

I just leave you with more pics




and special Thank to Mr. Yousif Algenaei and Osama borehama.


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