“Gladiator Workout” month is Done!

I’m finally done with my Gladiator workout plan for September and I feel so great!

Now I will go through my plan and share what I have done!


I grouped my muscle to three
weight trainings. Chest, shoulder and triceps on day one, back and biceps on
day three and legs with back on day five.

The Chest, shoulder and triceps
all together is to take all the energy and push it in. No machine used here, it’s
all free weights dumbbells.

Back and biceps is simple old
school. It’s all about pulling toward you body and burn calories.

Legs and back together will boost
energy and make me stronger like never before.


Speed and agility

To be like a gladiator, speed means
power. Speed only counts when you have complete control. I used a jump robe and
agility for various exercises

Game Day

I’m in a competition with myself,
trying to exercises like an Olympic athlete. From foot ball, basket ball, running,
tennis, skiing, mountain climbers, wrestling and boxer. Burn calories and define my body a like a competitor


I don’t know how to link Yoga to
Gladiator workout but I feel the connection with I feel the relief after a hard


Usually I eat five meals a day,
but this month I changed the plan a bit. I start to eat only when I feel hungry
so sometimes I eat 2, 3 or 6 meals a day. I depend on Whey protein a lot with
this my meals as a replacement. Fruits and Salads are the main food intakes; I
try to mix salad with most of my meals.


Whey protein is essential since a
lot of muscle engagement. I also used Omega 3 bills to help me during the
cardio workouts. Multivitamins is a must too especially after a hard workout to
recover all the vitamins and minerals to my body after hard workouts. This month
I decide to try BCAA as it claims to recover muscle faster after workouts so I
did a blood test to compare before and after a month of taking it.

Now it is time to relax a week
after high intense workout month. After I will go to the new workout “Muay
Thai” so I will visit Thailand for a week and learn the sport.


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