Milon fitness ciruit




I tried the Milon Fitness Circuit yesterday. Highly advanced equipments designed by germens compay known as Milon.

At first I thought it could be just a selly fancy equipments that waste time but after I try the circuit it makes freaken tired like an cardio of 1 hour. Each equipment take minutes then you rest for 30 sec. and all you need to do is keeping eye on the liquid puples to stop and shift to the other equipment.

The circuits tooks me less than 20 min. and I burn more than 500 calories. The resistance I expereince was totally new! You will feel the resistance with pushing and returning at sams time which makes the workout more diffecult.

If you looking for different type of workout you can try the milon circuit at Royal Olympic Academy


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  1. Hey

    How did you work out your calories burned? I’ve been trying to do the same for Milon. 500 seems somewhat high

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