Ramadan “FitnessModelPlan” is Done… Now enjoying Eid :)

Yes I did it, I set up a goal to be get Fitness Model body in Eid  Al Futr and I work on a hard Ramadan Plan.

On the arrival of the holy month, training is a big threat and building a muscle is not easy. Except coming up with the right plan!

The Exercise calendar was three Strengh training and three Cardio training on the first three weeks and last week is a recovery week.

Now to achieve  muscle building during the month I did the following:

First I reduce the training volume! I did a short workouts for 6 days! rest and recovery was a problem.

Food was ofcourse diffecult to control so I tried my best to eat high quality nutrients as possible as ingested. Junk food was not allowed at all and I make sure to eat 5 meals eventhough time is less to eat. Small keys are the keys!

A good quality Carbs like fruits, brown rice and brown pasta was very helpful. Good fats was also important, so I added Avocados, Omega 3 from salmon fish and Canola oil to my diet, Protein was the most important nutient so chicken breast and salmon fish was quality source of protein. Whey protein was needed too since my body may use amino acids as energy during my fasting hours.

This Ramadan I didn’t feel thirsty alhamdulillah. I was drinking about 4 to 5 litres daily to prevent dehaydration during fasting periods. I also avoided coffee because it require three cups of water to rehydrate.

Honestly sleeping was the biggest issue! I was getting only 4 to 5 hours sleep sometimes less so it a big threat to my plan because I used to get 7 to 9 hours sleep before the holy month. Taking a short naps was good to recover and repair myself from the damage done during training.

Supplement was needed this month was BCAA, I took this Amino Acidto switch protein synthesis and help to rebuild and repair the body.

After training and throughout the rest of the day, I tried to stay calm and relaxed as much as possible, this is to control the stress hormone coritsol as low as possible (this hormone effect on your recovery if it stays too high.)

The most important supplement I used was a a multivitamins by WellMan to help protect my immune system. Zink and Vitamin D3 are important to strenghen the immune system.

It wasn’t easy to achieve my goal during the month and a lot of errors and challenging I faced but stick 80% with the plan and now time to relax for Eid and enjoying my Fitness Model body.

what is the plan for the next month? aaaah think of it later!



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