Yesterday I tried a torturous circuit that took me back to basics and leave me on the floor.

What is InnerFight? It’s a site which provide a battle on your mind that you got to fight and win. They coming up with 5 day physical training program which is efficient, effective and enjoyable. (http://www.innerfight.com/) for more info.

Anyway, I decide to take the Pure Power challenge with 80 reps spread across five different exercises. The routine goes with:

10 Clean and Press, 25 Box Jumps, 10 Clap Push ups, 25 Dead Lifts, 10 Hand Steps (each arms), 30 second Row, and 30 second plank. Quick rest then repeat the whole circuit again… are you serious?

so start with Clean and Press, since it hits every muscle in the body I should do it properly so I 40 Kg was good enough.

Then with no rest go to Box Jumps, Honestly this workout is challenging because my heart beat will jump up and my legs are burning fire. But I enjoy it

Going to explosive exercise so firing my self up with Clap Push up.

Now ofcourse 25 Dead lift is a big number so I got to stay focused all the way through this exercise. Not easy to make 90 degree squats but got to stay focused.

I didn’t get the idea of the Hand Step-Ups at first but doing the exercise I felt the load on my shoulders! it is actually a tense core.

Getting to Row for 30 seconds, I was lake of breath and needed oxygen! It is time to challenge my self or go home. Thats the idea?

Finally, Plank and bring my breath back to control. It was a releif.

having a quick rest and repeated for four times I was totally knocked out! it was an explosiveness and raw power circuit! a full of range of motion that I kept my self on slow time. I couldn’t rate my self since its all new to me but  next time I will do it I will make sure to find my Rows (between 195m-140m).

Diffently challenging.



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