My weight loss tips.

The 6 Weight Loss tips that helps me and sure will help you.

1) I’m eating 5-6 times/day. It keeps my metabolism up and prevent extreme hunger that let me overeat.

2) eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. Hey its not my problem that you dont like veggies and fruits. If you really looking to lose weight, then forget about taste and think about nutritions. Both are low in calories. Go green!

3) liquids I avoid are cola’s, juices, coffee drinks and other sweetened beverages. I replace all of with water… Plenty of water! It helps me cheat my hunger.

4) without exersice losing weight is a joke! Even if you can lose weight without exercise, its more diffecult. Cardio is my way to burn calories. Strengh exercises are where I build muscle and the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn at rest!

5) I stick with it. No matter how bad was my day or week, I don’t lose motivation. I set up a program every month so I don’t get bored.


About AbbyDFitness

Owner of TFW Kuwait.

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